A phenomenon in children's entertainment, Jack Grunsky has won three JUNO awards and several Parents Choice Awards for his outstanding recordings and approach to teaching kids through music. His unique performances incorporate various cultures, rhythms, melodies and instrumentation.  Jack is a constant, creative force, and his songs and music have found their way into homes, classrooms and hearts around the world. 

Jack offers a variety of performance & workshop programs

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  1. solo in-school concert or workshop   'SONGS IN ACTION'

  2. duo concert with Cosima     'LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER'                

  3. 2 day in-school residency 'IT'S SHOWTIME' your students in concert with Jack

  4. public concerts & festivals 'JACK GRUNSKY CHILDREN'S CONCERT'

  5. theatre-style field trip bussed-in school concerts 'OLÉ'